Breath Refresh™

Breath Refresh uses the natural power of zinc to freshen your dog’s breath instantly by neutralizing breath odors. It eliminates offensive breath odors while it cleanses teeth without brushing. Used regularly, just one to three drops of Breath Refresh applied to your dog’s gums will freshen breath and help maintain oral health by preventing plaque and tartar.

The Power of Zinc for Oral Health

Breath Refresh contains zinc, an essential trace mineral critical to metabolic functions. The natural, neutralized zinc in Breath Refresh counteracts with sulfur compounds that cause offensive odors while it oxidizes anaerobes that can cause plaque and tartar formation. Used regularly, it helps maintain oral health.

The Benefits of Breath Refresh

  • Neutralizes offensive mouth odors instantly
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Aids in the healing of gum irritations
  • Fast and easy applicator tip – no brushing
  • Taste-free for greater pet acceptance
  • Non-staining to pet’s teeth
  • Non-staining of household surfaces and fabrics